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In the two patients with ES we did not found changes in the expression of CD55 and CD59. We conclude that the diminished expression of the glycolsylphosphatidylinositol-anchored type I cell surface proteins CD55 and CD59 is not specific to PNH and that it can be found in. A standardized flow cytometric method for screening paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria PNH measuring CD55 and CD59 expression on erythrocytes and granulocytes. Clin Lab Haematol 2001;232:81-90. [ Links ] 42. Christmas SE, de la Mata Espinosa CT, Halliday D, Buxton CA, Cummerson JA, Johnson PM.

Conclusion:CD55 and CD59 tests are considered to be the most useful and specific tests to diagnose PNH. During the follow up of patients with aplastic anemia, CD55 and CD59 tests are valuable to detect the development of complicated PNH clones Keywords: Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria CD55 CD59 Aplastic anemia. PNH erythrocytes are abnormally sensitive to complement because they are deficient in two complement regulatory proteins, decay accelerating factor DAF, CD55 and membrane inhibitor of reactive lysis MIRL, CD59.

Then if PNH clone found, test red cells to identify nature of deficiency Type 2 vs 3 2 Stages. Use CD235a Glycophorin A to identify red cell pop. not GPI-linked Then use GPI-linked marker to find deficient pop. CD59 preferred to CD55 Results. Type 1 RBC – normal. Type 2 RBC – partial deficiency, may merge into the type 1 plots. Acid Hemolysin CD55 CD59 FLAER GPI-Linked Antigen Ham-Crosby Sugar-Water Test, Blood Hemolytic Anemia Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria PNH PI Linked Antigen Sucrose Analysis Sucrose Fragility Sucrose Hemolysis Sugar Water PNH Screen Sugar Water Test, Ham-Crosby, Blood. One study evaluating the above antigens on various cell lineages showed that the best antigen for RBCs in the diagnosis of PNH was CD59, the best for granulocytes were CD66b, CD59, and CD55, and the best for monocytes were CD14 and CD55 [6]. CD55 and CD59 have been the antigens that have been the most intensively studied [4, 6, 7, 9]. PNHの診断には、フローサイトメトリーFCMを用いたGPI-APを欠損する血球の検出が不可欠であり、そのための試薬として従来の抗CD55抗体やCD59抗体に加えて、FLAER(図1:fluorescent-labeled inactive toxin aerolysin:遺伝子組換えアエロリジンと呼ばれる蛍光細菌蛋白で. cd55の遺伝的欠損症(cd59は正常)では溶血はみられず 4-① 、cd59の遺伝的欠損症(cd55は正常)ではpnh同様の溶血症状が認められる 4-② ことから、補体活性化による溶血阻止にはcd59が決定的な役割を果たすと考えられています。.

pnhタイプ血球の検出と定量には、抗cd55および抗cd59モノクローナル抗体またはflaerを用いたフローサイトメトリー法が推奨される。pnhタイプ好中球比率はしばしばpnhタイプ赤血球のそれより高値を. CD59 glycoprotein, also known as MAC-inhibitory protein MAC-IP, membrane inhibitor of reactive lysis MIRL, or protectin, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CD59 gene. It belongs to the LY6/uPAR/alpha-neurotoxin protein family.

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